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Spicy Lentil Chilli

Despite it now being July, the weather in the UK is still as shockingly cold and rainy as ever, meaning I'm still craving warm, filling meals in an evening. Chilli has always been a favourite of mine, and with it being so simple to veganise I've spent a lot of time playing around with recipes to make it just right.

This recipe yields 4 generous servings and takes just 40 minutes to prepare.



Summer Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Deciding what to have for breakfast is something I often struggle with as lets be real, I'd rather just be in bed sleeping still. A smoothie bowl is definitely my go to option when I just can't decide what I want, and here's my current favourite one!

This recipe yields 1 serving and takes just 5 minutes to prepare.



Singapore Style Noodles

Veggies and noodles are always my go to option if I need a quick and easy lunch-box meal, as they're so quick to make and are packed full of energy. Having recently tried tofu for the first time however (bad vegan I know), I've come up with a new singapore styled noodle dish with crispy oven baked tofu!

This recipe yields 4 generous servings and takes just 40 minutes to prepare.

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